Gaining More Fans With Coupons and Contests

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With the popularity of deal sites like Groupon and LivingSocial, it’s a no-brainer that the next big thing in social commerce would be offering live, limited-time deals that can be bought immediately from a social channel like Facebook. Social Dealz just does this. We offer the technology and … Read More


Coupon Marketing

For several decades, retail and service businesses have used the power of coupon marketing to increase foot traffic to their stores and bolster their overall revenue. With social commerce on the rise, coupon marketing is once again taking centrestage among the market tactics that work towards … Read More


Feedback Marketing

Get a feel of how your audience really feels about your brand by engaging them with a Feedback Campaign. This is a potent strategy that can help you reshape your business and truly get your customers to be your brand ambassador. By getting feedback from your customers, you will get insights about … Read More



Who doesn’t love a contest? Humans, by nature, are competitive and are prone to wanting incentives. And in view of social commerce, this type of marketing campaign can easily spell success for any business. Contest marketing creates a buzz around your company and helps pique the interest of your … Read More

Gaining More Fans With Coupons and Contests

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Putting Power and Punch to your Social Media Messages

If there is one platform that even Fortune 500 companies would not want to miss at this day and age, it is social media. Many of us, marketers and … Read Article

5 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Accounts

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